Age of Digitization – Internet of Things is a call for action

Volkhard Bregulla leads HPE’s Global Industries Manufacturing and Distribution (M&D) for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Mr. Bregulla and his organisation are responsible for addressing and solving business and technology issues and as a result delivering significant business outcome for HPE’s clients in the M&D Industry. The responsibility includes the entire HPE portfolio of technology products, services as well as business solutions.
Previously Mr. Bregulla managed the Manufacturing and Automotive Industry in EMEA as well as the Internet of Things (IoT) Program, the Global Accounts Organisation in Germany, Central Eastern Europe, Israel and Russia, and Communications Media and Entertainment Industry Vertical, which represent key customer segments for HPE’s Enterprise Group business.
In his current role, he is responsible for the business relationship and industry specific content HPE develops, sell and delivers as solutions together with a select set of strategic partners and channel organizations to enable the New Style of IT and Business in the Digital economy. Since joining Hewlett Packard in 1985 from Siemens AG, Volkhard Bregulla has held a series of executive management positions in regional and global business units, working for more than a decade out of the US West and East Coast as well as the Networking Division in France and has served on the Board of several of HP’s equity investments and as Chairman of the Board of a HP subsidiary.
Mr. Bregulla has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Business Master’s Degree in Finance and Quantitative Methods. In his spare time he enjoys the family life and his passion for motor biking, rockclimbing and skiing.

Volkhard will talk about the Age of Digitization: The rapid expansion of connected devices presents a unique opportunity to grow your business by offering new data driven business models and insights to engage with customers. The Internet of Things is moving from promise to reality giving businesses a choice: innovate or be left behind. But to take full advantage of the power of the IoT, you need to integrate heterogeneous technologies across multiple environments, develop use cases and learn from early disruptors. Discover how Hewlett Packard Enterprise can accelerate this journey by connecting data, people, and processes through open, flexible technologies and services.

The transformative power of industrial connectivity

Eric Schaeffer is Senior Managing Director at Accenture, leading their Digital Industry X.0 program with the objective of supporting industrial companies in harnessing digital opportunities. Schaeffer also leads one of Accenture's global business services - Accenture Product Lifecycle Services - which provides end-to-end services to unlock value and efficiencies from product data across the entire value chain.

In his keynote presentation Eric will talk about the transformative power of industrial connectivity.
The internet has changed society, but not industrial systems. The changes to industrial systems that become connected will change the world and disrupt enormous markets. Available efficiencies from industrial uses of IoT will change the way products and services are currently perceived. No organization, or even small group of companies, will hold the key for that, cooperation and collaboration across all platforms is the only way we can achieve that.

Digital Transformation for IoT

Dr. Liu Qiao worked both in academia as assistant professor and in automotive R&D, Service and Business as an engineer and leader at Hitachi and Toyota before joining 3M in 2010.  Liu successfully led Toyota’s first Canadian hybrid vehicle program and its market introduction. Liu is also a founding member of Toyota Research Institute of North America, and drove establishment of Toyota’s technologies, engineering platforms and programs which impact millions of Toyota and Lexus vehicles worldwide. As Technical Director of Software Electronic & Mechanical System Lab, Liu’s efforts have focused on building technology platforms, infrastructure, and product pipelines to mechanize, electrify, and digitize advanced 3M materials to accelerate business growth globally. Liu was recently recognized as the Smart Industry 50 Innovators on the leading edge of digital transformation.

In his presentation Liu will elaborate on Digital Transformation for IoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) has begun to increasingly impact the industry. These interconnected smart “things” have the potential to significantly benefit our customers and manufacturers. Critical factors to monetize these IoT opportunities are business/technology readiness to their business model. Science & Technology Innovations are necessary in order to digitize traditional materials, products and services for building a truly connected industry with business realization.

Digital transformation in the era of Industry 4.0

Boon Siew Han (38) was recently appointed as the Chief Digitalization / Information Officer at Schaeffler Asia Pacific. His current interest and activities in Asia pacific is to implement digitalized solutions for Industrial 4.0, IoT and Urban Mobility.

Prior to joining Schaeffler, Boon Siew was head of department at A*STAR Autonomous Vehicle and Robotic Program in Singapore. He was leading the team responsible for developing A*STAR self-driving vehicle platforms, and eventually was the only team allowed to take public trails of Autonomous Vehicle in Singapore.

Boon Siew is a technical leader with in-depth digital knowledge of embedded electronics controls, vehicle systems integration, and robotics systems development. This includes collaboration with various countries like Japan, Korea and Italy on advance automotive sensor and humanoid robots.

Boon will talk about Digital transformation in the era of Industry 4.0. The production today is being constantly developed further by digitally-supported people and networked machinery. Digitization enables the optimization of product quality and delivers even more reliably to internal and external customers, putting them into the focus. Digitized products and platforms are an important factor for the success of this. This session will guide us through Schaeffler’s digital transformation journey and the key role partnerships are playing.

Human Centric Approach to Smart and Connected Manufacturing in Japan

Yasuyuki Nishioka is the President of Industrial Value Chain Initiative (IVI) and a Professor of Information Management Design at Hosei University in Tokyo. His research interest includes connected manufacturing, planning and scheduling, platforms for manufacturing and organization intelligence. After receiving a PhD degree in Engineering from Interdisciplinary Course on Advanced Science and Technology of the University of Tokyo in 1996, he taught in Tokyo University of Science and Hosei University. From 2003 to 2004, he was a visiting scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and since then has been a professor of Faculty of Engineering and Design at Hosei University.

In early 2000s, Yasuyuki Nishioka founded PSLX Forum promoting strategic utilization of IT in manufacturing industry, as well as developing specifications for international standardization of IEC 62264-3:2007 in the area of advanced planning and scheduling (APS). When he was a director of the production system division of Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers in 2014, he formed a group of leaders who wish to make an initiative of digital transformation in manufacturing. Then in 2015, he founded IVI for connected manufacturing with loosely defined standards. He has been leading IVI which currently has more than 500 members including major Japanese enterprises as well as SMEs.

Yasuyuki will elaborate on the Industrial Value Chain Reference Architecture, furthermore the Human Centric Approach to Smart and Connected Manufacturing in Japan. First, he will give an Introduction to Industrial Value Chain Reference Architecture (IVRA) and IVI’s ecosystem approach for smart and connected manufacturing. He will then discuss the latest use cases created by 25 working groups in FY 2016 and explore new challenge for influencing the industry: lubricating interaction for smart manufacturing with IVI platforms.

A Proven Recipe for IoT Success in Any Industry

MACIEJ KRANZ is a business leader, frequent keynote speaker, and the author of the New York Times Best Seller, Building the Internet of Things. Kranz brings 30 years of computer networking experience to his current position as Vice President of the Corporate Strategic Innovation Group at Cisco Systems. He leads the team focused on incubating new businesses, accelerating internal innovation, and driving co-innovation with customers, partners and startups through a global network of Cisco Innovation Centers. Prior to this role, he was general manager of Cisco’s Connected Industries Group, where he drove the Internet of Things (IoT) business for key industrial markets. In his book, Building the Internet of Things, Kranz cuts through the hype to provide the first practical guide for business decision-makers on how to start their IoT journey. The book all the ingredients for IoT transformation, including case studies, step-by-step plans, fast paths to payback, cultural changes, standards, security, and much more.

Maciej will take us on a journey on a proven recipe for IoT success in any industry. Cisco executive and New York Times best-selling author shares practical guidelines on how to start and scale your IoT journey for quick and lasting ROI .

  • Learn the eight key ingredients of any successful IoT implementation
  • Get past the hype and get on with your own IoT journey
  • Find out about four fast paths to payback
  • Hear about successful case studies in multiple industries
  • Capture new insights on transforming your organization for Generation IoT

Industry of Things: Threats or Opportunities for Small and Medium sized enterprises

Since 1986, Yutaka Manchu has been engaged in R&D of cross-border IT solutions including Geographic Information Mgmt., universal data translation for CAD/Product Data Mgmt., e-commerce and e-government in Toshiba Corporation. His work experience covers a range such as information modeling, international standardization activities, facilitating innovation.
He is currently the deputy secretary-general for Industrial IoT of the Robot Revolution Initiative (RRI) since Oct., 2016 and an expert of IEC/SEG7 (Smart Manufacturing).

Yutaka will be one of three panelists to discuss threats or opportunities for small and medium sized enterprises:
These 3 experts will talk about Key issues in IIoT including:

  • Why IIoT in an emerging economy – what are the implications for productivity, revenue growth and investments)
  • What are some sector based insights (e.g. automotive, health care, fintech, manufacturing, etc.)
  • II oT as a long-term plan – how can a sense of urgency and collaboration be developed in emerging economies that are focused on short term results

Innovation, Data Analytics and IOT - Paving the way as a Global IT strategy

Julie began her career 25 years ago in Merck, US as a scientist doing basic research on inflammatory diseases. As her interest in data generation and management for in-vivo experiments and clinical studies grew, she advanced her career in Clinical Development. This provided her great opportunities to take on various global and regional leadership roles in Information Technology and Product Development across different countries, primarily in the US, Belgium, China, Japan and now Singapore.

Julie’s global footprint brings her to Singapore to establish MSD’s Global Innovation Hub with an investment of S$8 million in state-of-the-art technologies that aims to harness digital innovation for better healthcare. Under Julie’s leadership, the Hub brings together a wide span of teams including IT Risk Management and Security, Data Science and Analytics, Global Application/Technology Platforms, ERP, Cloud Services, IT Managed Services, Digital Product Solutions, Knowledge Management and IT Client Services.  On top of that, she spearheads partnerships with local start-ups and Universities to develop emerging fields of data science and cyber security with the dual objectives of developing the local talent pool in Singapore and improving the healthcare ecosystem. She also seeks out opportunities to connect with people from different walks of life, where diversity and cultural uniqueness play an integral part in innovation. Aligned with the organisation’s goal to save and improve lives globally, she is very driven to innovate every day.

Julie will talk about the aspect of Innovation, Data Analytics and IOT – how to pave the way as a Global IT strategy. In her presentation she will elaborate on the data analytics side of MSD’s Global IT Hub – showcase how MSD makes the most out of data. Julie will also address the strategy behind the Global IT Hub and show how MSD uses data and IOT in the pharmaceutical industry.

Achieving Operational Certainty via Proven IIoT

Peter Zornio is Chief Technology Officer for Emerson Automation Solutions and been with Emerson for 11 years.  As CTO, Peter has responsibility for overall coordination of technology programs, product and portfolio direction, and industry standards across the Automation Solutions group.  This includes Emerson’s PlantWeb Digital Ecosystem, a comprehensive and integrated Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) portfolio.  Plantweb uses the power of Industrial IoT to provide operational performance improvements in the entire manufacturing enterprise, supporting both on premise and cloud based solutions.  Prior to Emerson, Peter spent over 20 years at Honeywell in a variety of positions across the entire automation portfolio, providing over 30 years experience in advancing the state of the art in digital manufacturing architecture.  This includes marketing and development of all levels of process automation and related IT technologies, including wireless, Industrial IoT strategy, field measurement, fieldbus technologies, control systems architecture, and operations management applications.  Peter is based in Austin, Texas.

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